Joining the Future

Hello internet. I have finally caved in and am joining the rest of the world online. I have no idea how this will work out. I am far from a gadget person but lets give it a go anyways. I'm just going to use this blog to show friends and family and anyone else who wishes to see my art and adventures therein. I'l try to post regularly. So hello and thank's for stopping by. I appreciate you.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Well Blog viewing people.

I have just added a link in the places to go section to my old website. Indeed it has surely been neglected over the years but rest assured an update or in fact an overhaul is in the works. we are all busy bees but this should be finalized within the coming months. Needless to say I shall keep you posted on the when and whatnot as it happens, my greatest thanks goes out to one Eric Kelliher who did every last bit of work creating the site. Furthermore keep on stopping by as I will be using this blog to archive my work in the comming weeks so to view my older work as well as fresh sketchbook pages keep poppin back. As always thanks for spending time on this Blog type thing of mine.